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About Us

At Equal Opportunity Officiants, our mission is to provide you with a personalized wedding ceremony that observes–with reverence–ceremonial needs for interfaith, LGBTQ+, non-denominational, religious and culturally sensitive couples. We promise a thoughtful, non-pretentious and enjoyable delivery that will be memorable to all in attendance.


We currently humbly serve the San Francisco Bay area, Napa County, Sonoma County and more.  Yes, we are available for destination weddings!

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Equal Opportunity Officiants is your go-to officiant resource if you are…

Getting married (congratulations!) and want to plan a ceremony that feels genuine and effortless

A wedding planner sourcing top talent for your client’s big day

A loved one helping friends gather info to plan their wedding

A loved one preparing to officiate an upcoming wedding commitment

Question & Answer with Rev. Sam

Heart to heart questions answered by EOO CEO Rev. Sam Fullerton


Q: Why were  you driven to create Equal Opportunity Officiants? 

Rev. Sam: Simply put, I love love. I'm drawn to things that make me feel fulfilled–to helping people, bringing people together, bringing joy to their lives. That is what made me do this. I feel a need to give back to the world as that’s when I feel my best– when I’m in service to others. 


What was the benefit of creating your own company?

Rev. Sam: I officiated my first wedding in 2010 but i officially started my career as an officiant on the East Coast in 2014.  I was the first Pennsylvania based celebrant for a highly esteemed group of officiants that was in the process of expanding outside of the borders of their home state of Maryland. Upon moving to the West Coast, continuing the journey as an officiant for weddings and other sacred ceremonies was a given. But after running into some hurdles I found that I would have to wait to start my career here in California, and the door closed to move West for the company I had been working for back East. The knowledge I gained from my experience with that company laid the groundwork for Equal Opportunity Officiants, and it only made sense to begin on my own at first opportunity.  I have the capacity to bring joy to people’s lives, and nothing makes me feel better than doing just that. Giving people a non-judgmental resource where love can truly be expressed is paramount for me. Being able to create a team of officiants whom I have full faith in to provide that same high level of service with the same passion that I provide–that’s the benefit of starting this business. 


How would others describe you?

Rev. Sam: Kind, genuine, empathetic.  People are drawn to me in times of need. I’m honored to be that person and love cultivating a vibe in which couples can create authentic and heartfelt experiences. Others have said that I create a trusting and accepting environment. Isn’t that what we all want love to feel like?


What inspired the name Equal  Opportunity Officiants?

This is actually the second incarnation of this company, as I had originally started the business in Pennsylvania.  The name came from the belief that all couples should have the same right to solemnize their love for one another.  I had recently met with multiple couples who had been turned away by religious clergy;  One because they were already living together.  Another due to one partner having been married previously.  I understand the logic behind upholding traditions.  But in today's world--love is love is love and we need as much of it as we can muster up. So if two humans want to spend the rest of their days together, who am I to judge?  Hence, Equal Opportunity Officiants.  Every couple has the same right in my eyes, whether interfaith, same-sex, or multicultural--or, if you want a more traditional religious themed ceremony that's a little more...brief...we will work to give you exactly what you want, because that's what love deserves.

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