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Rev. Samuel Fullerton

Minster of Peace

With over a decade of experience officiating weddings across the country, Equal Opportunity Officiants is truly one of Rev. Sam’s life passions. With his reliable and grounded presence and keen ability to get the details right in his message delivery, Sam has a gift for creating bespoke experiences that will last a lifetime.


Rev. Sam was born and raised by two loving parents outside of Pittsburgh, PA. 

He moved to California in 2016 and fell in love with the hills of Marin where he calls home. Sam cultivates a loving life through many interests and hobbies. His dogs are his best friends, he has deep reverence for healing through natural medicine, and he also enjoys music, dance, and the arts. His experience in theatre and as a vocalist built the foundation for his comfort in public speaking and helped shape him into the confident officiant that he is today.


Rev. Sam honors the stages of life in all capacities and is also respectfully available for memorial services and celebrations of life. 

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